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Relationships are complex and when they go wrong the results are devastating, not only for the people involved but also for their families.

Barbara’s approach is specific to the person or couple involved. She helps them with communication and when specifically asked can help with the intimate side of their lives.

Barbara helped set up the first Divorce Recovery Workshops in the UK and is experienced in helping people through the minefield of relationship difficulties and giving them hope for the future. The outcome may not always be that a couple stays together, but once communication is restored the way forward is not so painful.

With sexual difficulties Barbara is trained to diagnose whether sexual problems are from a physical cause, in which case medical intervention may be necessary, or psychological. Problems include ejaculatory difficulties and difficulty with orgasm.

Her work includes dealing with issues relating to abuse and to the aftermath of rape, abortion. She deals with gender identity issues and is sensitive to working with clients with different cultural beliefs.